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Vitamins Are Very Important To Fiesta Silver Females
    Core Tip: vitamins (vitamin) are a kind of trance organic substances to Fiesta Silver maintain normal physiological functions to grow up from the essential food. The vitamins play a very important in the process of the human body growth, metabolism and development. Many women began to oral vitamins, protein powder, calcium, collagen and so on to improve the resistance to aging.
    Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education Sports and Health Department WANG Shu Yu sports nutrition experts say, in fact, oral nutrients should be targeted. At present, living conditions are good. Every meal have meat and pork which contains the three major nutrients: carbohydrates (starch), protein and fat absorption are no problem, so if you eat protein powder, for women, the might overdose will increase the burden on the kidneys.
    WANG Shu Yu stressed that women may be most lacking in vitamins and minerals, the loss of vitamins B, C loss is the largest, such as the B vitamins food now reduced by a third due to processing, transport and improper cooking. The experts recommend that women should be added amount (approximately staple 1/3) from grains, legumes and whole wheat cereals to get B vitamins. Due to limited conditions, people cannot adjust diet, so they consider some additional B-complex vitamins, or vitamin and mineral complex supplement.
    Vitamin C is particularly important for women, which have the effects to increase resistance and whitening. Adult should require about 50 to 100 mg of vitamin C every day, which is equivalent to half a day to eat chili guava = 75 g chili= 2 kiwi = 150 g strawberry = 150 g cauliflower or 200 ml orange juice. Id people lack of vitamin C, they will be sickly woman, a little trouble on the fever. Woman should keep the fresh and fresh fruits and vegetables must be necessary, because of they are great antioxidants. WANG Shu Yu said that a woman should eat a pound of fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresher vegetables and fruits are, the better preservation of the vitamin is. The human body has more antioxidant effect. If there is no way to guarantee that fresh fruits and vegetables every day, then oral supplementation of nutrients is also an option.
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