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Aion : New Zones = Extreme Dangers

cheap Aion Kinah has teamed up with NCSoft and the Aion developers to bring our readers a first ever look at three new zones coming with Aion v4.0. These three are gorgeous to behold but pack a lot of danger for unwary Daevas. Read up on the lore and get a good look at the new areas before heading to the comments.

Katalam was originally occupied by an ancient race known as the Danuar.  After the Cataclysm, Tiamat invaded Katalam in an attempt to gain even greater power by acquiring a deadly Danuar Hyperion weapon.  While she succeeded in occupying Katalam, she failed to harness the weapon's power.  Failure to properly fuel the weapon contaminated the surrounding areas, mutating the creatures in Katalam with Ide, the weapon's power source.  Desperate to reclaim their lands, the Danuar attempted to repel the Tiamat legion.  However, they made a fatal mistake by detonating one of their weapons, which resulted in the ancient people's demise.

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