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Aion Assassin Skills Analysis


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Aion Assassin Basic Knowledge
In Aion, the Assassin as a Daeva killing expert and he follows the Star of Death. He can hide himself and stealthily get close to its foe and aims for critical spots to make large amounts of damage quickly, that is the one of the trademark combat skills to Assassin. Some Daeva have reflected on them for wielding poisoned blades or ambushing defenseless foes. But the Assassin is must especially in the legions for its battleground roles of assassination, disruption, infiltration and etc. we all know the Elysean Assassins are also known the to follow Lord of Free Souls -Vaizel, but Asmodian Assassins seems to work for the Queen of Death- Triniel.
Class Features: with all types of skills can be used for debuffing their foes, containing stuns and poisons. They can escape lots of attacks and also use devastating accuracy to return counterattack, with the skill to hide including in plain sight. Assassin available weapons: Bows, Swords, and Daggers. Available armor: Leather, Cloth.
When it comes to the Abilities and Combat Roles, the Aion Assassin belongs to an offensive class which has many acrobatic attack skills, players can use these skills to make severe damage on the foe within a short time. However, their defensive ability is somewhat low, as Assassins have amazing evasion abilities, they are able to make lots of counterattacks to stun does and in some situations could leave them unlock to assaults from behind. The Assassin can also keep the skill to hide in both the shadows and plain sight. So the Assassin could be able to jump on the foes and make large amount of damage before they are detected.

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