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You will have nothing left in the end blade and soul gold

Treat other people as you hope they will treat blade and soul gold you. Do not you think that you have changed so much? I can accept your fantasy mind. However, I can't accept your way of dealing with things. You never think about others feeling. Talking it ugly is that you are too selfish. Do not ask us that why we are not willing to keep good relationship with you. Just think about yourself. Are you still worth for us to cherish you? The best memories come from the craziest ideas. It is easy to give up, but you will have nothing left in the end. It is difficult to persist, but you will always have something in return in the end. So I still want to tell you my feeling. After all, we are good friends. I do not want to lose you as well although you are not the past you anymore. I hope you can do something after you see my words. I do not want to say that you have done all the things wrong. Someday you will understand that were the first to love yourself. Do not lose yourself for him. What is more, do not lose your own world for him. Nothing is permanent, especially people. Think for others; think for others more, but to live for yourself. Wish my words can clear off the sky, of all your days.

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