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Secret of the Stratus Expansion Marks a Shift in Dev Cycle
NCSoft is making a shift in the pace of development on Blade & Soul with the April 12th release of Secret of the Stratus expansion. Beginning here, the team will be making larger, more ambitious updates on a somewhat slower schedule than before. The shift is to give players adequate time to play through new content, something Secret of the Stratus embodies.

Secrets of the Stratus includes:
·skill trees are replaced with a new, simplified system and interface
·Hongmoon Training room is available for practicing combos and boss attacks
·Naryu Sanctum a new 6-player heroic dungeon

·Celestial Basin - open world location for soloists or casuals to hunt up Mystic Badges

·Mushin's Tower floors 16-20

One more important thing – Blade & Soul is getting a purchasable voucher that will let players instantly create a new level 50 character. So, if you’ve been itching to try out a new class or get back in to the game after a long absence, it’s the quickest way to try out a brand new high-level character! 

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