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The Tower of Pain
A new Revelation Online 5-player dungeon has opened up in the Tower of Pain that sends groups on an upward trajectory to the 8th floor. In between the entry and the top, however, are numerous bosses that are not afraid to fight and to counter player abilities in all new ways.
This 5-man dungeon will test your very soul, throwing all manner of bosses your way with the sole intent of preventing you from ascending to the 8th floor pinnacle. Those who fail will be cast down into to a flaming pit, where beasts and monsters lay in wait for fresh meat to carve. Those who wish to re-climb the tower must survive this death-trap to prove themselves worthy of another attempt (buy revelation imperial coins on GTCER).
So if players want to reach the top, they need crack weapons and powerful skills that based on the revelation imperial coins, let GTCER give you a hand:)
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