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Developed by Gala Lab (formerly Aeonsoft) and published by Gala-Net, Flyff offers players the chance to take flight on a broom, riding board, bike, or wings once they reach level 20. Players can also engage in combat while flying. With over a dozen classes, a level cap of 150, a number of social features and more, players wanting to experience a game in flight may choose to make Flyff their MMO home. Flyff is a free-to-play, item-shop based game.


*Unique Classes | Players start the game as Vagrants and can choose from the Acrobat, Assist, Magician, and Mercenary job classes at level 10. At levels 60 and 129, they can sub-specialize in the Jester/Ranger, Billposter/Ringmaster, Psykeeper/Elementor, and Blade/Knight job classes.

*Fly for Fun | Fly for Fun, or "Flyff," at level 20 with brooms, riding boards, bikes, and wings, all of which have variations and different speeds.

*Dynamic Pet System | Your pets are more than just cute fuzzballs, and come in three types: Pick-up Pets, who pick up your loot for you, Buff Pets, who augment your abilities, and Raised Pets, which players can help hatch and mature to provide them with static buffs to certain character stats.

*Multiple PvP Modes | Flyff has several modes to engage in player-vs-player combat, including Duels, Arenas, Guild Duels, Guild Sieges, and the PK Server, Demian.

*Group Dungeons | Tackle challenging in

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